4 thoughts on “Hairgate: as bad as it got

  1. Rhona cut my hair the other day with a set of clippers from Amazon where the CE mark probably stands for Chinese Export… Went reasonably well after she understood that they actually needed to be switched on before going near my head. Needless to say the first ‘cut’ was more of a ‘pluck’.


    1. Where is the pic, Alan? We could start a trend. Upload it to comments, or send to me on email and I will upload it.

      My after pic is going up this afternoon, after I write the daily nonsense.


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  2. Is oth liom mo ghníomhartha nár fhoghlaim mé conas Gaeilge a léamh. Ach lean ar aghaidh ag déanamh m’obair bhaile


  3. You want ME to continue doing YOUR homework for you? Or did it not come out of google translate correctly, Shirleen?

    For a woman who, successfully, took the Irish government to court to avoid having to learn Irish in school, you are showing great interest in the subject. Get back to me when you are fluent – I hate learners, as you would know had you understood the post titles (r)Acht na Gaeilge.

    Oh, and Happy Easter. Now go and wash your hands.


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