Day 92

Knee knocky noo

No, lads, no. A thousand times no. But I suppose I cannot really blame them too much as very few of the current crop of Premiership League players can speak Irish. Were they not lingusitically-compromised in this fashion, they would have thought more than once the other night before ‘taking a knee’, and this here seanfhocal would have been extremely useful to them when exercising their collective brain cell.

Ná déan nós is ná bris nós.

Of the two pieces of advice contained in that distilled wisdom above, the first one is the more pertinent to the predicament the wee soccer players have now plunged themselves into. [You’d better be careful here; Part-Time Wife does not like it when you touch on controversial issues – Ed.] (Have you been talking to my wife? How is she?) Because they haven’t really thought it through, have they? I know thinking is not their strong point – running and jumping is more their métier – but surely it occurred to them that some time in the future a soccer match will take place in the English Premiership which will not be preceded by the players and officiating staff kneeling down. And, when that happens, what message will that send to the family of the black man killed by the peelers in the US of A and to the whole Blue Lives Matter movement in general? Something along the lines of, “We used to think this was important enough to make a gesture about, but things have moved on now, so you will just have to get over it.” Not really an enticing prospect, is it? And how will Prime Minister Rashford explain that to the bleeding-hearted liberals?

I am in a rush today, but here is a link to a thing you should read. And, having read it, you should probably kneel down and pray for forgiveness for having ignored it up to now.

But do not make a habit out of it.


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